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Leather Finishing Chemicals-Glaze Pack Series

Product Name Chemical Nature Dry Content (±1%) pH (±0.50%) Cold Crack °C Film Properties Properties PDF
ECOTEIN GLAZE BP-16 Protein/ waxes/oils 10 8.5 - Med-soft, polishable, glazable & good filling Suitable for glazed & polished finishes. It has excellent glazing properties. Produces a well sealed surface & the break remains elegant.
ECOTEIN GLAZE IS-16 Plasticized protein 16 8.5 - Med-soft glossy General purpose binder can be used in glazed as well as plated resin finishes in order to reduce the tackiness of the finish.
ECOTEIN GLAZE TOP R-15 Protein/ synthetic resin 16 8.5 - Med-hard, transparent & glossy Med-hard binder generally used in the glazed finishes. It produces crystal bright finish with outstanding brilliance & Handle.
ECOTEIN GLAZE-3B Binder based on synthetic & natural protection 20 8.5 - Med-hard glossy Med-hard protein binder glazable to produce crystal bright finish in protein in protein finishes.
ECOTEIN GLAZE-G Protein Binder Modified with Natural waxes 20 8.5 - Soft transparent Soft waxy protein binder with good adhesion. Can be used in the base coat in case of case in based finishes especially those to be glazed.
ECOTEIN GLAZE TOP 16 Protein top coat 16 8.5 - Hard, transparent & high gloss Hard top fixing agent for glazed finishes. It reacts well with heat so that glaze develops fully to give high gloss & outstanding handle.

Created by: Propel India